The critical edition: Jean Sibelius Works

The Critical Edition: Jean Sibelius Works

In cooperation with the National Library of Finland and the German publishers Breitkopf & Härtel the Society is in the process of publishing the critical edition of the complete works of Jean Sibelius, Jean Sibelius Works (JSW). Jean Sibelius Works will contain all Sibelius’ surviving complete compositions as well as all of his own arrangements.  The editing work began in 1996 and the whole series will amount to about 52 volumes. Thus far, 26 volumes have been published.

The launching of the Jean Sibelius Works on the threshold of the twenty-first century is the result of the great gift made by the Sibelius family in 1982. The music manuscripts in the composer’s possession were handed over to the University of Helsinki. For the first time it was possible to obtain a complete overview of Jean Sibelius creative process and to start planning a critical edition of his complete works on the basis of his rich personal archives.

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