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In the 1960s the Sibelius Society organized a competition to create a monument for Sibelius. The competition was held in two rounds and Eila Hiltunen's  proposal Passio Musicae was announced the winner of the second round. The publicity of the competition was enormous. The confrontation between supporters of abstract and representational art was avoided when a bust of Jean Sibelius was added as a separate element to the proposal. The multi-dimensional structure of the monument, which enables the spectators to go inside the monument and the echos and sounds created in its pipes, makes the monument exceptional. Viewed from a distance the shape of the monument melts into the background forest and the rough rock surface. The description of nature in the music of Sibelius obtains a visual expression in the monument. The Sibelius monument is among the best-known sights in Helsinki. ' A major money collecting campaign in order to acquire the means to finance the monument was carried out all over the country.  As a matter of fact it was, at the same time, the most impressive campaign ever to make Sibelius and his music known in the country both in schools and among the general public.

The monument was unveiled in 1967. It is made of acid-proof steel pipes.


The Sibelius Monument

© Helsinki City Art Museum / Photo: Yehia Eweis