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The Sibelius Monument 50 Years



A Photo Exhibition at the Helsinki Music Centre on September 7- October 21, 2017


Finland's best known public work of art, the Sibelius Monument, will be 50 in September 2017. It has come a long way from a pet peeve into a national icon. A Photo Exhibition at the Helsinki Music Centre on September 7- October 21, 2017 recreates the six-year long, in many ways challenging birth story of this work of art though images, words and objects. The exhibition is arranged by the Finnish Sibelius Society, whose first major undertaking the realisation of the Monument indeed was.

The Sibelius Monument was solemnly inaugurated on September 7, 1967, when the Sibelius Society handed it over to the City of Helsinki.




Curator, exhibition architect: Severi Blomstedt
Script: Markku Pietinen
Technical realisation: Hannu Hellman
Photos: Otso Pietinen, Pietinen mainosvalokuvaamo, Sibelius Society, National Library of Finland
Scanning, photoprocessing: Markku Pietinen, Tuomas Pietinen
Videos: Totti Carlander, Tuomas Pietinen
Exhibition structures: Messurakenne Oy
Photoenlargements and printing: Arazzo Oy
Objects on loan: Hiltunen-Pietinen Estate, National Gallery of
Finland, National Museum of Finland



Sponsors of the Exhibition




HPP Asianajotoimisto









Jean ja Aino Sibeliuksen oikeudenomistajat


Janne-Olli Järvenpää