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The first International Jean Sibelius Conference was held in Helsinki in 1990 on the initiative of Professor Eero Tarasti and was aimed at scholars to update their information about recent research in Sibelius and his music. Likewise the second and third conference were held in Helsinki in 1995 and 2000. After this traditional interval of five years the following, fourth conference was organised in Denton, Texas, USA in 2005. The organisers were then the University of North Texas, the Sibelius Society in the USA and the Sibelius Academy in Finland.

The fifth Sibelius Conference was held on September 18-20, 2010 at Oxford University in the UK. Andrew Barnett, Chairman of the United Kingdom Sibelius Society, was the main organiser. He received the Sibelius Medal for his merits in making the music of Sibelius known; these include his bibliography of Sibelius, published in London in 2007.

The musical contribution of the Conference consisted of presentations on the status of Sibelius in the music world, analyses and interpretations of his music and especially his violin and vocal compositions, of which two recitals were given by Folke Gräsbeck (piano), Madoka Sato (violin) and Annika Rioux (soprano). The international premiere was also given of the Valse lyrique found among Sibelius’s material.

The sixth scientific Jean Sibelius Conference was held in Hämeenlinna, the town where Sibelius was born, on December 4-8, 2015.

The Seventh International Jean Sibelius Conference will be organized by the Sibelius Society Helsinki in Hämeenlinna, Finland on 7–9 September, 2020.